Ontwerpverpakking is a young, dynamic design firm with over 20 years of experience in graphic design.
We place a priority on a personalised approach, rapid completion and creative designs. 
Ontwerpverpakking is specialised in designing packaging for the food industry. 
Are you a business owner who is looking to launch a new product on the market? 
Or are you a product developer who prefers direct and creative contact with the packaging designer?

Without the intervention of third parties?
Ontwerpverpakking views every product as a challenge,
and an opportunity to create a unique, effective packaging design.
We believe in a personal, quick approach to our work. 
A well-thought out and creative packaging design will make your product stand out on the shelf.

Eye-catching packaging is also essential to the sale of your product; 
after all, consumer purchases are motivated by emotions.  
On average, people make their purchasing decisions within 10 to 20 seconds. 
This is why packaging must get noticed,
be recognisable and stimulating.

After an introductory meeting in which you tell us all about your product, target group and marketing concept,
we will create a preliminary design. We then e-mail this to you as a PDF file. 
From this point, we start refining the design, in close consultation with you. 
Without the intervention of an account or traffic manager, just short, clear lines of communication...
this creates trust, and is also one of the reasons we can work at very competitive rates.

Ontwerpverpakking has good contacts with various producers,
which allows us to always have a suitable solution available for your product. 
Look at a few of our packaging designs to get an idea of the results. 
Have we sparked your interest? 
If so, feel free to contact us!